Achieve the Highest Vertical Jump In NBA With Vert Shock!

Adding inches to your jump:

Yes, you read that right! There is definitely a way of increasing the height of your jump and help you in achieving the highest vertical jump in NBA that has ever been recorded because we all know how important it is to have a high, if not the highest, vertical jump. It is because of the perfection of the vertical jump that athletes such as Lebron and Jordan have been able to reach such a height of greatness which has in turn helped them in not only building a legacy but also earning a good amount of respect for them. It is a known fact that in basketball, the ability to do a high jump is one of the basic requirements if you want to perform even the simplest dunk. To cut to the case, in order to increase the height of your jump, you need to divert your attention to a product known as Vert Shock.

What is Vert Shock?

Vert shock is relatively, a new training system for the vertical jump which has been developed by Adam Folker and Jus Fly also known as Justin Darling ton. This program has been specifically designed for such athletes that want to increase their height of vertical jump. However, others who want to do a high jump can also make use of this product. It is not necessary for you to be some sort of athlete or sportsperson to try out this product. The program offers you the guarantee of increasing the height of your vertical jump by up to 15 inches in just 2 months and you will be perfectly dunking within no time!

Masterminds behind Vert Shock:

There are basically two people that are the brains behind this program.

The first person is the creator of the product, Adam Folker. When Adam was in high school, he had already managed to become famous because he was chosen as one of the 5 top high school players of basketball from the whole of Canada. After high school, he played for the team UC Irvine in the NCCA. Today, he plays professional basketball overseas. However, it should be known that Adam was not always this great. In fact, during his youth, he could hardly reach the rim of the basket and was not athletic at all. This might sound absurd coming from someone who has taught players in MBA how to dunk but it’s actually true. This proves that whatever he advises about vertical jumping would be quite helpful because he was able to transition himself from being not able to touch the rim to being able to have quite a high jump.


The second person that as also contributed a lot in this program is Justin Darlington, who is more famously known as Jus Fly. He is known to be the one of the sickest dunker of the world. In fact, it has also been estimated that the vertical jump he performs is almost 53 inches! Justin has also successfully been able to make a name for himself by travelling the whole world and winning a number of dunking contests which includes the dunk contest hosted by Nike. Justin Darlington provided his training process and the experience he has to the product. He has also included some of the techniques and hacks that he has discovered in order to dramatically increase the number of inches in your vertical. His techniques and training is so effective that NBA had hired him to train big players such as DeMar DeRozan who plays for the Raptors.

How the system works:

So, basically, the whole system has been divided into three different parts, each of them into one separate phase of the process of achieving the highest vertical jump in NBA. All of the information on all of the phases is provided to you in the form of a software. This software comes with a number of guides and videos that the user can easily access online. The program is designed to last eight weeks.

The three phases:

The first stage which is the Pre-Shock Phase, you will be able to increase the height of your vertical jump from 3 inches to almost five inches. The first stage is designed to last for one week. In this phase, your body is prepared for all the intense training that is about to follow.

The next phase is the shock phase which is supposed to last for another six weeks. This phase, as the name suggests, shocks the nervous system of the person and also stimulates the muscles to react faster so that the body is able to create the explosion leaps.

Then, the third and the last phase is the post-shock phase which lasts for a week. The phase is simply designed so that what you have newly gained is sealed and to also make the muscles get accustomed to neurological response at a faster rate.

Why should you trust this product?

The program does guarantee you that you will gain a couple of inches in your height but how can you be sure that the program will work? Well, firstly, the program is quite easy to follow as it provides guidance step-by-step. It is also backed up by a number of years of research. Also, the program was founded on training principles that have already been proved. The program also keeps you very safe from overtraining and injuries. This is actually quite important once you can perform high jumps. The product works on all the aspects of a vertical jump. This factor helps you in attaining the desired results faster. The program also saves your time as it avoids all the ineffective techniques and focuses only on the techniques that work. The product is also committed to your results. Both of the authors have guaranteed that you will get the results you want. Last, but not the least, this product can easily help you in adding almost 15 inches to your jump.

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